Flexographic plates realization

  • 3 CDIs Esko with HD2 and PixelPlus technology
  • 3 development lines with thermal technology
  • 2 development lines with solvent technology
  • 1 water development line
  • 1 Kongsberg plotter for robotic plate carving
  • 4 UV technology displays
  • 3 LED technology displays

Equipment always kept in perfect efficiency by a six-monthly routine maintenance program with suppliers.
Quality is always the result of a set of factors and cannot fail to be supported by advanced machines and kept in perfect condition.
The DuPont® solvent, as well as guaranteeing compliance with the latest and most restrictive laws on pollution, guarantees development characteristics that are absolutely unique on the market today.
The availability of multiple lines also ensures that you are safe from any downtime.

“Some of the costs incurred by a business are hidden.
Often they are the ones who make the difference."
- CEO Paolo Ghedini