Thermal Processing Cyrel Fast

"The best way to reduce harmful emissions is not to produce them"

About half of the plates we produce are thermally processed.
Being the first in Italy to believe and invest in this revolutionary technology, we are today, with the three lines complete installed, the company with the highest consumption in square meters and with the greatest experience in the processing of this typology of plates. Reference point recognized by everyone for this ecological, qualitative and extremely productive development process.
Dedicated to certain types of printing, in particular for the UV world, we guarantee delivery times in case of emergencies that are reduced to even a few hours.
Impossible with other technologies.
The availability of several lines is a guarantee of high production, speed and ensures continuity
for any downtime or maintenance.

New Cyrel®FAST 3000 TD
New Cyrel®FAST 3000 TD
DuPont’s choice to entrust 2G&P, in the world, an evaluation of the equipment with a request for feedback useful to optimize its performances, is the best demonstration of the consideration of those who created this technology, towards our experience, the preciousness of our know-how and the quality of our work.