Graphic preparation and pre-press

  • 12 Mac stations equipped with all the DTP software on the market and ArtPro for the realization of the executives.
  • 2 stations equipped with PackZ for the realization of the executives.
  • 3 stations dedicated to image processing with: Adobe Photoshop, Esko ArtWork contone, Esko ArtWork Despack.
  • 1 station dedicated to deformation for shrink sleeves and three-dimensional rendering with Esko ArtWork PowerWarp.
  • 1 station dedicated to decomposition and heptachrome processing with Esko Equinox.
  • 4 spectrophotometers for linearization of materials and profiling of printing machines.
  • 3 Color management and profiling softwares: Esko ColorEngine, Efi, GMG.
  • 6 Plotters for making digital color proofs.