New Cyrel® FAST 3000 TD


First installation of the new Cyrel®FAST 3000 TD.

DuPont chooses 2G&P worldwide as partner for the evaluation of the equipment before the official launch on the market.

We are chose, says DuPont, for the great experience gained and for the strict search for quality that we have always imposed on ourselves. We have been producing Cyrel® FAST for twenty years. We have been the first to introduce a thermal line in Italy and to date, the only ones with three lines, we can affirm without false modesty that we know better than anyone else this rapid and ecological technology, but with but with different characteristics from the solvent-based development, which we have learned to exploit over many years of production. We were the first to identify its benefits for various applications. We have studied and tested every feature and we have been able to enhance the peculiarities while the competition refused to appreciate its features.

DuPont’s choice to entrust 2G&P, in the world, an evaluation of the equipment with a request for feedback useful to optimize its performances, is the best demonstration of the consideration of those who created this technology, towards our experience, the preciousness of our know-how and the quality of our work.