Most frequently asked questions

The technology available today at the service of flexographic printing and pre-printing makes possible even solutions that were unthinkable until a few years ago.
The seven-color process is an example.
If well managed it leads to indisputable and priceless time savings and to an optimization of costs and of the production process in printing with enormous advantages on the productivity and competitiveness of companies that are able to manage it correctly.
Nobody thinks of replacing the traditional four-color printing with the heptachrome process.
New techniques and technologies often complement current ones without eliminating them.
Therefore, they should not be seen, as almost always happens, as a threat, a complication or an attempt, usually unwelcome, to change well-established habits.
They broaden the possibilities by covering any absence for some types of work or sectors of use.
Heptachromy is an alternative. Unquestionably convenient in the case of small and medium-sized runs that involve frequent job changes.

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