Sleeve: how it works

For these applications, experience is decisive for a good final result.
In fact, an accurate modeling intervention must be carried out, done only minimally by the software.
Manual interventions performed by the operator on the basis of the technical drawing of the product or bottle, deform the images so that after application the graphic is correct, not distorted and clearly legible.
Also important is the continuity of the 360 ° graphics on the product without visible joints, often obtainable with important manual photo-retouching and image reconstruction.

These “modeling” and “photo retouching” interventions are the result of quite complex operations.
The right result is subject to complete knowledge of the software and above all to the experience gained by the operator.
The manual interventions following the first modeling are in fact those that make the difference on the result.
At the end of the processing, a 3D file is generated that allows you to check the result applied to the product.
An image that rotates 360 ° perfectly displays the coated product.
With a simple touch of the mouse it’s possible to stop the rotation or move the object as desired and observe it in all positions.
It is very useful for checking the work carried out and for showing the customer the product obtained with the certainty of the result.