Custom screens

Our pursuit of quality could not bend to ready-made screens to choose from.

Each printer and each material has different needs that only being able to go beyond the "standard" allows us to best satisfy.

This is why we didn't settle with the various screens offered on the market, which we still have available, but we decided to go further.

We have chosen a software that allows us to make them by "creating them" according to every single need, allowing for better drafting and considerable ink saving, softer shades and uncompromising quality.

In addition, edges and ink containment dams for more precise printing of texts and fine details in both negative and positive.

All of this by choosing us measurements and distances, working on every single pixel during the "construction" phase of the screen.

Better ink drafting on cod. ean and fillets in general.

Elimination of ink shortages
Perfect application of white with specially designed patterns.

Possibility of using anilox with less load and consequent reduction of ink consumption.

Same advantages (with different patterns), for pantone backgrounds and chroma colors.
Elimination of irregular edges or outlines on texts of any size.

Less dot gain. Cleaning of screens with patterns and ink containment crowns.

Greater detail and cleaning of the highlights and softness in all tonal passages.

Patterns and ink containment dams designed on the individual customer,

for each material, even the most difficult.

Greater cleanliness and detail of the texts and of all the details in negative even

with large-capacity aniloxes.

Greater precision and cleanliness in the reproduction of high percentages of screens

with ink containment patterns.

Screen 98% in the image.

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